Thursday, 20 September 2007

Low glycemic-index breakfasts best for kids

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If you serve your child a low-glycemic breakfast every morning, chances are he or she will not eat that many calories during the coming day, according to new research.

Can you say whole-grain oatmeal, organic cane sugar and perhaps a little yogurt? That is an example of a low-glycemic breakfast, and won't spike energy levels (and hunger pains) like refined-carb pancakes and biscuits (and many junk food cereals).

A quick and easy way to assure a low-glycemic breakfast is to have plenty of whole-grain hot and cold cereals stocked. It doesn't sound filling to many kids (it even may sound disgusting), but it is, by far, a better choice than pancakes, bacon and sausage.

Or, try whole-grain pancakes with fresh fruit on top. It goes over well, trust me!

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