Thursday, 20 September 2007

Like the clocks, fall back ... into fitness

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Now that the leaves are falling, it's time to trade in summer laziness for hard work -- whether at the office, at school or at the gym. But getting back into a routine can be difficult; Here are some tips from eDiets:
  • Find the time: Or, if you have to, make the time. Whether you work out in the morning, noon or night, the important thing is to work it into your schedule -- and stick to it.
  • Create a habit: Get out your calendar and make a routine. On Mondays, I do yoga; On Tuesdays, I do weights; on Wednesdays, I run ... you get the picture.
  • Try something new: Now is the time, when you're getting back into it.
  • Refresh your memory: You used to be pretty up on healthy living news and information, but that's fallen to the wayside. Do some research and remember why you were exercising in the first place. Reading That's Fit is a great start!
  • Join a club: There's no better way to kickstart a routine than by joining other people in it. They'll keep you motivated.
How do you get back into fitness?

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