Thursday, 20 September 2007

In a choice between laziness and dying, dying is winning

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People in Britain would rather die than make healthy changes to their life, a new study shows. The majority of overweight and obese people are unwilling to become healthy, even face with certain death. In a poll, only 38% said they would exercise more if their life depended on it. And believe me -- their lives do depend on it. Exercise and a healthy diet are essential for longevity.

I think these statistics are shocking -- don't you? I'm appalled that people would choose laziness over life.

Only 4% said that they found exercise fun -- perhaps that's the reason why they're so unwilling to do it? But I'm the opposite -- I don't think laziness is fun; I'd much rather go for a run or a yoga session than lounge on the couch all day. Would you?

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