Thursday, 20 September 2007

If your allergies are killing you, read this

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As Brian noted last week, health officials think Texans could be facing their worst allergy season decades. I live in Texas, and can verify that those officials are absolutely right. I've been so sneezy, snotty, and completely exhausted the past couple weeks, that it feels like my nasal passageways have been deep fried. Every morning I wake up to the feeling of five or six large men punching me, repeatedly, in the face, while I stumble through the apartment, blowing my nose, trying desperately to find my utterly worthless hay fever pills.

It sucks.

If this sounds familiar, check out these tips from the Mayo Clinic on how you can reduce your suffering.

1. Stay away from irritants. This may sound obvious (like you'd be so stupid as to go rub your face in a field of ragweed), but other stuff -- like cigarette smoke, or even a dramatic change in temperature -- can send you into a sneezing fit, so be extra careful.

2. Stay hydrated. It'll help with the gunk in the back of your throat.

3. Use a humidifier. That'll keep the air moist, which helps thin the goop.

4. Get a Neti Pot. I know it looks gross, but these saltwater rinses are great for clearing out irritants.

5. Talk to your doctor. You ever know, they may have invented some nuclear-strength antihistamine since last allergy season.

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