Thursday, 20 September 2007

How to fill up without filling out

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A rumbling tummy is a dangerous thing. It can cause you to make bizarre, unhealthy choices in your quest for food. But in order to avoid the damage to your waistline, not to mention the guilt and shame, that comes with a bad-food binge, here are some tips on how to fill up without de-railing your diet, courtesy of Women's Health Magazine:
  • Make a date: Studies show that women eat less on dates. Though I think this is more true of first or second dates.
  • Fill up on berries: They're healthy and tastier enough to be binge-worthy.
  • Eat high-fiber foods: They're shown to keep you fuller longer
  • Take multi-vitamin: Studies show that when your body lacks nutrients, it makes up for it in hunger
  • Eat with your left hand (or right-hand for lefties): It will challenge your brain and lead you to eat more slowly
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