Thursday, 20 September 2007

FitBeauty: Handmade workout gear? Oh hell yes.

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So we're working on dressing in a way that suits our own styles, in clothes that fit our own beautiful bodies and in spending our money wisely on items that we will wear and will support the lives we want to live. If we want to be active, a way to support that is having workout wear that we want to put on and put to use. If we want to spend smart, we are not buying any old pair of ill-fitting spandex pants from the junior section clearance rack at KMart just because they are cheap and well, on the clearance rack. That means we need to find smart and fun ways to shop that will support all of our good habits and ease out the old tendencies.

This week, I suggest you choose to buy something that's handmade. Handmade workout wear? Why, yes, kittens, it's possible to find clothes, accessories and gear that is unique, competitively priced and possibly customized just for you.

Luckily, one of my favorite sites, Etsy, is devoted to handmade items and their creators. Here are few fabulous finds that top my list of workout wear that will slip beautifully from the artists' hands to yours. Now, doesn't that feel good all the way around?

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