Thursday, 27 September 2007

Fat is a problem for pets too

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Is your cat or dog overweight? Try this test:
  • Stand over your pet and look down. You should be able to see a "waist" that cuts in near their back legs. If you can't see this waist, your pet may be overweight.
  • Run your hands over your pets ribs. You should be able to feel the ribs, but not see them.
If your pet failed both parts of that test, it might be time to put them on a diet. People often don't realize it, but pets are susceptible to obesity just like people and can develop the same kinds of health issues. Pet treats and table scraps are often the problem, but so is not measuring your pets food before feeding them. Read the back of the bag of dog or cat food and make sure you're feeding your pet an appropriate amount. In addition, our four-legged friends need exercise just like we do. The next time you take that after dinner walk, invite your dog along or spend a few minutes playing with your cat. Many pet owners think food is love, but your love is better expressed with time, attention, and concern over your pets health.

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