Thursday, 20 September 2007

Daily Fit Tip: Eat like a kid!

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Here's a new idea on how to cute calories: eat like a kid! Kids don't have adult-sized appetites, so their snacks and meals always come in smaller packages -- and ordering from the kids menu is an instant, painless way to control your portions. And let's face it -- portion control is a problem for many of us adults. Children don't have the same issue -- they just stop eating when their full.

Say, for instance, you're on a road trip and find yourself with no other option but the local fast-food joint. Instead of super-sizing, downsize by ordering from the kids menu. You'll cut out a ton of calories and you'll have eaten just enough food to be satisfied. And your local supermarket is bound to offer lots of awesome kids' snacks that you can carry in your purse for a quick energy fix. Prevention Magazine list some here.

What's your favourite pint-sized snack?

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