Friday, 21 September 2007

Are intelligence and IQ the best ways to study brain activity?

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Are IQ tests the best way to determine intelligence? For a standardized way to get everyone on the same playing field, I suppose it is the best method yet. But, according to researcher Rex Jung, we need to understand how the brain works by studying how it is put together so we know why it unravels for some of us.

Jung went through mountains of neuroscience literature looking for studies that analyzed reasoning and measures of intelligence. What he concluded after studying the studiers was that scientists need to look at intelligence in a more systematic way rather than as a whole.

Do the brains between two people differ from each other? Sure they do, and sometimes in massive ways. Biologically speaking, there is little difference, but when it comes to the "wiring," there can be fundamental differences. Measuring intelligence using a method that doesn't account for all this bias, in turn, can be a road to nowhere. But, hey -- it's the best we have at the moment.

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