Thursday, 20 September 2007

Americans are drinking themselves fat with soda

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Is there a single reason for the obesity epidemic in America? Nope, but there are a few top causes. One of the top ones is probably right down the hall in a vending machine or in the fridge at home: the soft drink.

I was a soft drink addict for many, many years, but then quit cold turkey about four years ago. Result? Almost instant weight loss and a much better sense of well being. Still, it was tough -- very tough.

Now, with all the artificial colorings, sugar, caffeine and other icky ingredients in there, I can see why the addiction still runs rampant these days. And make no mistake -- it is an addiction.

The only bad part besides that is the fact you're drinking calories without ever feeling "full." According to nutritionists, that is a primary reason many of us are overweight. Can you stop? It's mind over matter, just like sticking to a diet.

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