Thursday, 27 September 2007

The 100 best foods

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If a trip to the grocery store leaves you scratching your head and wondering just which of the hundreds of labels you should choose, you're not alone. The choices that are available to us these days are overwhelming. Wouldn't it be nice if someone rated them all and told us which were the best ones?

Oh, wait. Someone has. Women's Health Magazine has put out a report in which they've rated the best 100 foods in a number of categories. Here are some examples:
  • Best Cereal: Kashi Heart to Heart
  • Best Yogurt: Stonyfield Farm Fat Free Peach
  • Best Frozen Dinners: Lean Cuisine Spa
  • Best Ice Cream Cones: Skinny Cow Ice Cream Cones
Want to see the whole list? Check out the list in its entirety by clicking here.

Which items do you recommend?

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