Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Workplace Fitness: Moves for where you work

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Except for the few of us who are independently wealthy, we all have to do some kind of work everyday in order to live. And as the our technology advances more and more of the jobs available involve sitting for large portions of the day, if not the whole day, at a desk or computer. If you find yourself feeling stiff, achy, or in outright pain then you need to do something to help your body stay healthy and deal with the 'strain of sitting.' Obviously we all have different situations in our offices and working environments, so here are a few suggestions to help you strengthen, stretch, and relieve muscles based on some of the most common:

In a cubicle:
For cardio try alternating pumping both your arms up over your head rapidly for thirty seconds followed by alternating tapping your feet on the ground (think football drill) rapidly for thirty seconds. Just don't do it too hard -- tapping, not stomping, because other people are trying to work!

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