Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Which is more important: The egg or the yolk?

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The answer to this question seems pretty simple. Egg whites are all the rage today -- to the extent that you can even buy them on their own, sans yolks. It's pretty clear why they're so popular; Egg whites are a low-fat source of protein that are free of the saturated fat and cholesterol that the yellow stuff has.

But here's some news that might surprise you: In addition to having all the bad stuff, yolks also have all the good stuff too. According to Fitsugar, yolks have less sodium and more calcium, vitamin D and folate than whites. So next time you whip up that egg-white omelet, leave a yolk -- just one should be enough.

I personally prefer my eggs with yolks, but I don't eat them enough for it to be a big problem. What about you? Are you an egg white or egg yolk person?

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