Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Western-style diet starts affecting Chinese women

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In many countries around the world, citizens are much more healthy than U.S. citizens. Why? How about a lack of fried and processed foods along with many less chemicals in everything that is eaten. To those that have traveled, this is probably not new news.

But in China, women are facing a rising risk of breast cancer because of the rapid adoption of a Western-style diet that is overtaking many of China's women. I'm not really surprised by this, and I understand the reasoning behind some countries not wanting global fast-food franchises around. By and large, the majority of the menu is not good for human health. Of course, there are exceptions.

Researchers have tracked 3,000 Chinese women, half of whom were diagnosed with breast cancer. Those that followed a diet like we do here in the U.S. had a 60% higher chance of developing breast cancer, according to the study's conclusions. That say something to me -- how about you?

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