Friday, 13 July 2007

We love to gawk at fit celebs: Lisa Rinna...I love a strong mama

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She didn't take home the Dancing With the Stars trophy but Lisa Rinna's costumes and quick steps certainly did catapult her career back into the trashy magazines. Now Rinna's kicking up her heels in the Broadway production of Chicago with hubby Harry Hamlin (not as good a dancer but also not nearly as cringe-worthy for facial plastic surgery...oy).

These photos of Rinna are great because we get to gawk at Rinna while she's putting the playground to her own use and showing off her finely-honed physique.

I say, "Dayyyyum." Lisa Rinna's body is cut up and she is putting all us other mommies who can barely make it across the wobbly bridge to shame. Thanks, Lisa, for the reminder that the monkey bars are a great place to get a little workout in.

[via: MamaPop]

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