Wednesday, 11 July 2007

We love to gawk at fit celebs: Brooke rolls with it

I adore Brooke Shields. I love that she seems to epitomize the fit and fabulous mama just trying to keep herself and her girls happy and healthy. I love that she was honest about her post-partum depression and treatment and that she stood up for herself when Tom Cruise got all wing-nutty (again) about it. I'm slightly confused about how she became friends with Cruise after all that, but I like to think it is all part of a bigger mission to rescue Katie Holmes. But anyway...

Here is one more reason to love Brooke: This picture snapped of her getting in a workout with daughters Grier and Rowan along for the ride. Although this was taken in Pacific Palisades, she looks like many of the mamas in my own neighborhood (minus a slightly-neglected black lab on a leash tied to the stroller handlebar).

If her jogging stroller's as heavy as mine, I know Brooke's getting a good blood-pumping run in, especially with two kids in tow.

[via: People]

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