Sunday, 8 July 2007

Water and weight loss go hand-in-hand

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OK, so we all know that water is good for us in a multitude of ways. Debra wrote a great post on some of its major benefits, such as its ability to get rid of headaches, the way it makes your skin look great and how it can help with weight loss. It's this last one that I'm the most curious about. How does drinking the recommended 8, 8-oz glasses of water a day help a person drop pounds?

According to this article, it's all about metabolism. The short and sweet version is (see the article for the detailed explanation) that your metabolism is what helps you burn calories, and water is what gets the metabolic chemical reactions going. If you haven't had enough water, these reactions aren't going to be up to speed. Water helps your kidneys function and when you're not drinking the right amount, your liver -- whose job it is to metabolize fat-- has to help out, meaning that it can't do it's metabolizing fast enough. So instead of getting rid of extra calories, they're being stored as fat on your tummy, bum, thighs, etc.

Sure drinking water alone isn't going to make you lose huge amounts of weight, but it's a pretty great (and simple) aid to a healthy diet and exercise. If you don't want to stop at just drinking lots of water, here is a blog that Maggie wrote about water-rich foods that can help you drop additional pounds. It's all so convincing and so incredibly easy, I think I'll go pour myself a cool glass of H2O right now.

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