Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Typical teenage diet hurts lung capacity

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Essential nutrients and a well-balanced diet is not on the minds of most teenagers in the U.S. from what I can gather. But, there may be more repercussions than just weight alone, according to a new study. From the teenagers I've spoken with recently, this comes as little surprise.

Do you think many of them can go up five flights of stairs without nearly passing out? This was a test I recently witnessed, and I was shocked at how few could pass the test. These were not obese kids, either.

Diminished lung function and asthma conditions can develop if a decent nutritional diet is not followed by those in the teenage years, according to a study published in the July edition of the journal Chest.

"Higher intakes of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory micronutrients are associated with lower reports of cough, respiratory infections, and less severe asthma-related symptoms," according to the study's lead author. Does your teenager know about the term "antioxidant?" If not, perhaps now is the best time to start a healthy dialog with them on nutrition.

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