Tuesday, 10 July 2007

There's still time to get your best abs ever

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We ogle them, we obsess over them and men ... well, because we look, some of you are constantly holding them in. They are a benchmark of superior fitness and it's the body part that really turns our heads. We are of course talking about your abs!

What's that? You need help? Don't worry, with a little effort there's still plenty of time to get that washboard look. But with that said (and because summer is already here) don't be tempted to work them every day. In fact, training more can actually make your abs show less and too much training leads to increased laxity in your muscles. In other words, they could appear soft (and soft isn't good) so instead add resistance to make moves you already do more challenging. Then give your muscles time to rest.

You can find six more tips over at Men's Health to help you really unleash your abs. And, who knows ... maybe you'll be able to inspire women to show you theirs.

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