Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Success stories: women who lost half their size

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Need some extra motivation this week? Check out this article from Good Housekeeping about 7 women who collectively lost over 1,000 pounds. Some lost up to 200 themselves and all of them have great stories to share, including their own real-life weight loss tips. What strikes me the most is not how much thinner they look in their "after" pictures, but how much younger they look as well. The article includes a few great tips for long-term weight loss, including:
  • Keep tempting treats out of sight. Better yet, keep them out of your cupboard altogether.
  • Keep a journal to find out what triggers your diet blunders.
  • Even moderate exercise will aid weight loss.
  • Choose foods that force you to eat at a slower pace.
Hang it on your fridge for a little extra inspiration this week!

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