Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Soda and your teeth: A bad combination

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In addition to the many many many reasons not to drink soda, here's another: It rots your teeth. Does this really come as a surprise to anyone? I mean, with all that sugar and calcium-sucking acidic carbonation, how could it not? I think the real question is: Why is the soda industry doing better than ever, now that we know all we do about how bad it is for us? Or to paraphrase: Why are we still drinking it in huge quantities?

I consider myself lucky because growing up, I wasn't allowed soda, and these days I still don't have a taste for it. My parents weren't health nuts either -- they were just old fashioned and believed that homemade was better than mass-produced. So to me it really is baffling that people can't give up soda. What is it? The taste? The caffeine? The carbonation? Are we slaves to the advertising? I'll take healthy teeth, bones and body over a coke any days.

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