Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Smashbox's 'natural' glow isn't as natural as you think...

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Popular make-up company Smashbox has a gel that vows to bring out the natural colour in your cheeks, rather than using blush -- it's called O-Glow, and supposedly it stimulates circulation, giving you healthy, natural colour.

But as the Beauty Brains have discovered, it might not be your circulation that's causing that glow -- more likely, it's the red dye listed in the ingredients. Hmph. Is that deceptive or what?

If you have to have a 'natural glow' in your cheeks, why not do as Grandma did and pinch your cheeks until they're red? Although I guess a less painful solution would be to just stick with regular blush. What do you use on your cheeks?

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