Friday, 13 July 2007

Secrets to Shiny Hair

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I have pretty healthy hair -- I don't dye it often, I get regular haircuts and don't use to much product, and yet it always looks dull. Do you have the same problem? The Beauty Brains have written on natural ways to keep your hair healthy and shiny. Here are their suggestions:
  • Don't overwater your hair -- it causes the cuticle to buckle, which makes it dull
  • Don't overwork the shampoo. Rubbing it furiously into you scalp will make it look flat
  • Use conditioner -- especially if your hair is dry
  • When using a towel, pat your hair dry instead of rubbing it.
  • Don't brush too much
  • Avoid too much heat styling
  • But if you must heat-style, use protective products. Only, not too much--it weighs hair down
  • Don't dye
  • Or perm
  • Don't play with your hair
  • Don't wear it in a pony tail too much either
  • Avoid the sun
How do you keep your mane looking its best?

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