Friday, 13 July 2007

Returning from vacation? Learn how to lower the stress of re-entry

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With two kids and a dog, planning a vacation can be a little tricky. Though I have the packing and organizing part down to a science, "re-entry" is still a little difficult. My careful packing into separate little bags for all our different needs comes home a jumbled mess, and the kids are tired, under-slept, and fed up with riding in their car seats. Though we usually roll back in exhausted, I've learned two things that make returning to real life more simple -- always clean the house before leaving so you don't come home to a mess and unpack the day you come home, before letting your head hit the pillow.

WebMD has some more tips about returning to your routine after vacation winds down. If you have a trip coming up, take a few minutes to read them over to avoid unneeded stress as you adjust back to "real life."

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