Thursday, 12 July 2007

Paul McCartney wants us to stop eating meat -- ALL of us

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A vegetarian lifestyle will help with the global warming problem, according to Paul McCartney, who says that "Livestock farming is one of the biggest destroyers of the planet ... When you see the Amazon being cut down for hamburger cattle, that's pretty obvious." So he wants us to all go veggie, which I think is a great idea, although at the moment the thought of giving up chicken wings for good is enough to send me into a mini-panic attack. But I think he's right, and if we could all put aside our meat cravings, our planet would be healthier.

Paul McCartney has been using his star-power to better the earth for some time now, and I think that he's done a lot of good.

What do you think of Sir Paul and his environmental crusading?

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