Thursday, 12 July 2007

Overweight kids face social stigma

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Do fat kids have it easy? Far from it, and overweight youngsters experience extreme bias from schoolmates, teachers, friends and even parents. A new analysis of the situation even says that overweight kids have a quality of life comparable to cancer patients based on all the stigma they face form people.

Are suicidal thoughts and extreme depression a result of all the constant nagging and teasing overweight and obese kids receive? In many cases, yes. Add high blood pressure and eating disorders that spin out of control due to existing depression and the cycle gets nasty very fast.

People are people, regardless of race, gender, religion, weight, etc. -- but it's human nature to make fun of or chastise those not like ourselves. Why that is I am not sure, but recognizing that and putting it aside is one of the better things any human can do.

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