Thursday, 12 July 2007

Moore defends facts used in 'Sicko' film

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If you have not seen Sicko, you'll be in for some torn messages. Like any film that purports to be a "documentary," the usage of certain facts while the dismissal of others tends one to believe that any agenda on anything can be forwarded these days.

Such is the case with Sicko, according to critics who say that filmmaker Michael Moore used selective data in his film to prove a point and did not put forth all relevant facts when making points about the state of the American health care system. One things critics and supporters of the film agree on is that there are indeed large problems with the health care system in the U.S. But, how big?

If you end up seeing Sicko, you need to search for your own answers like with anything. I'm quite sure much of what is presented in the film is somewhat to highly accurate. But, not reporting all the facts or opposing viewpoints is just as bad as slanting viewpoints in any particular way, right?

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