Thursday, 12 July 2007

Millions in equipment missing from CDC

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It's really not news when equipment suddenly and mysteriously goes absent at federal agencies. But, when tens of millions of dollars worth of stuff vanishes, some very scrutinizing eyes need to take a look. This is what the CDC is reporting, as some $22 million worth of equipment somehow is "missing."

An official audit of the property management procedures was requested in June from a U.S. congressional oversight committee, which should only be the start I would think. Regardless of how you cut it, $22 million in computers and equipment is more than will fit in some employee's pocket -- it's way more.

With taxpayers footing the bill for all this equipment (and the federal government in general), what do we make of this? Calling this situation come kind of "public looting" seems like an understatement. How often is the CDC audited? In perfect fashion, the last one was in 1995 -- over a decade ago. No big deal here I guess, as it's only the agency tasked with infectious and deadly disease control here in the U.S. (twiddles thumbs nervously).

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