Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Kombucha Tea: The cure for what ails you?

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Hot on the heels of my Goji Juice post, I saw this one on Kombucha Tea on Fitsugar. It's been called a 'miracle cure-all', and call me a skeptic, but once something has been touted as miracle cure-all, I'm pretty convinced it's a scam.

So just what is this tea? It's a fermented drink, made of a combination of bacteria and yeast. Mmmmm, sounds delicious. It's been popular in China since the 200s BC, and though it's popular with people the world over, including celebrities, it's supposed 'benefits' haven't been confirmed. That's not to say it's not effective -- many people report increased energy -- but I have issues with companies that claim their product is a miracle cure-all when they have no scientific evidence to back it up. But I suppose a slogan along the lines of 'A few people say it makes them feel great!' isn't nearly as effective.

Have you tried it?

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