Thursday, 12 July 2007

Jessica Simpson loves her curves. But that doesn't mean surgery's out of the question.

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I have to admit that I am very torn on the issue of cosmetic surgery. It saddens me when people use surgery to conform their bodies into a ridiculously prescribed (and almost always impossible) beauty standard or to solve some big, welled up emotional issue that's lodged itself in their lives for years.

And yet, if a nose job or bigger boobs will make someone feel better about how they walk in the world, then that's hard for me to argue against.

One thing that makes me crazy about all this cosmetic surgery business, though, is when celebrities look staggeringly different and still deny they've had any work done. I'm giving Jessica Simpson some credit today for not being one of those stars. In a recent People interview, Simpson said she'd consider having "maintenance" work done on her body after having children. For now, though, she says she's content with the body she's in.

Simpson's working hard on that body the old fashioned way -- with a trainer -- as she prepares for an upcoming movie role as a Marine recruit (oh la la, I am pretty sure the acting part of Jessica Simpson I will never ever grow to love). Just as lovely as getting fit healthfully, Simpson's cheering for curvy bodies over the extreme thinness rampant among Hollywood's women.

"Curves are better," Simpson also said in her interview. "I don't get the whole rail thing. It's not good for your heart, it's not good for your mind; it's emotionally destructive, it really is."

And while clearly every body is different, I do agree with Jess here that, cosmetic surgery or not, being healthy is far more attractive than just being thin.

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