Thursday, 12 July 2007

Is stress the reason Calista's so skinny?

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She's famous for playing TV icon Ally McBeal, but possibly more famous for something else: being shockingly thin. But while the media is quick to label celebrities as anorexic or bulimic, Calista insists it was all just down to the stress of being one of TVs biggest stars. Plus, the hectic work schedule didn't help either, and she admits now that she didn't eat as much as she should've. But here's the thing: Ally McBeal was over years ago, and she's still really thin. I know she's working on Brothers and Sisters now, but she obviously hasn't learned her lesson.

Does this ever happen to you -- you get so busy that you just don't eat? I sometimes put off eating to work, but I could never not eat -- my stomach wouldn't let me and I'd end up being completely unproductive.

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