Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Is a high-protein diet for you? Weighing the options

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High protein diets are generally regarded as a good way to keep up your energy and lose weight. But is it right for you? Consider this information from WebMD:
  • Pros: high protein diets usually leave dieters feeling full for longer periods of time. They also help dieters lose weight fairly quickly
  • Cons: The quick weight-loss that most dieters experience is usually just water weight that comes off. Moreover, on protein-only diets, the body relies on stored fat reserves -- a process called ketosis -- and ketosis often causes irritability, headaches, overworked kidneys and even heart problems. Furthermore, high-protein diets are usually high in saturates fats (bad for the heart) and low in critical nutrients (for the overall body.)
Based on this, the evidence is mostly against high protein diets. But don't be discouraged -- weight loss is possible without hurting your health. Some plans, like the Zone, integrate moderate amounts of healthy carbs for an overall healthy approach to dieting.

Do you agree with this information, or are you sticking by your ketosis?

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