Friday, 13 July 2007

Is Friday the 13th bad for you?

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Friday the 13th is -- by far -- the most infamous date on the calendar. For many it's a day that symbolizes bad luck -- just like black cats, walking under ladders, or breaking a mirror. Subsequently, many researchers have searched for a correlation between this date and increased health risk -- but, as of yet, haven't found anything.

Regardless, some people still live in fear of Friday the 13th. Technically called paraskavedekatriaphobia, this fear (just like any other phobia) can have significant side effects. Those who suffer from it experience increased panic and anxiety -- so much so that it keeps them from going about their day to day activities.

So, essentially, the 13th is bad for these people, but only because their fear of it leads them to create their own misfortune.

That said, because an estimated 17 million people refuse to travel or conduct business on this day, it's estimated that $800 million is lost every time it occurs.

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