Wednesday, 11 July 2007

If you make one nutrition change, it should be this

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Remember when you were young and could basically eat anything? Well, let's face it ... those days are over.

Now, the main reason most adults (and children for that matter) gain weight is quite simple: they eat more calories than they burn. So it goes without saying that your diet is an essential part of your weight loss program.

There are a few ways ways to control your diet, but the two most popular are: calorie counting and portion control.

I suggest trying to control your portions. It's much easier and by doing so, you'll naturally start to reduce your caloric intake. We've all heard the old adage 'all things in moderation.' That theory is all it takes to arrive at and maintain your natural weight. Understanding the serving size on the Nutrition Facts Label is important for controlling your portions. When you serving size goes up, so do the calories, fat, sugar, and salt. Remember to stay away from processed food. Keep it real and stick to the foods that your great-grandmother had available to her.

Here are some tips to estimate portion sizes:

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