Saturday, 7 July 2007

Hello to the Structure House gang!

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My personal training client Jody, is in the middle of a two week stay at Structure House. He's been there before, and after losing 40 pounds here...I'm thrilled he's returned as he's reached a stubborn plateau in his training. More mental than anything, but I'm so happy he's off in Durham, North Carolina focusing solely on getting fit and losing some more weight.

I speak to my Jody daily and he's having a blast, having success, and making tons of friends. Usually, he puts me on the phone with one of his Structure House buddies when we speak. They've come from around the country, and all seem to be dropping pounds galore.

So. To Jody, Iris, Inna, Arthur, and everyone else at Structure House, I wish you the best. I encourage you to wake up to each new day as another awesome opportunity to take charge of your life and become the person you're desperate to be. You've all invested so much financially and emotionally to be there. Jody has bragged about what spectacular people you are, so keep making strides towards living a better and longer life!

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