Sunday, 8 July 2007

Get fit with fungi! Mushrooms can help control weight

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I love mushrooms but always figured they were kind of a throwaway food. I know they're low in calories, but I also thought that they don't contain much in the way of nutrients. Plus, many varieties only offer a moderate amount of flavor. So while I enjoy them, I didn't think they had much to offer.

But then I read this article that explains how mushrooms (along with many other fruits and vegetables) are considered low-energy-dense foods. These products contain high amounts of water and/or fiber, and also have a low fat content. OK, so what does THAT mean? Basically it means you can eat loads and loads of these foods and get really full without consuming a huge amount of calories (one of the reasons salads are so darn good for you!).

If you're interested in learning a bit more about low-energy-dense food choices, as well as some ways to substitute mushrooms for other, higher-energy-dense foods (like cheese) into various recipes, take a look here.

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