Thursday, 12 July 2007

FitBeauty: Workout wear for the wee one?

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So now that you're all suited in up in your athletically chic maternity gear, your attention is very likely resting on the baby-to-be. You're probably wondering something like, "I'll be adorable and comfortable at Mommy & Me Yoga, but what in the world will the baby wear?"

And what in the world will all the other mommies on mats think when your newborn's wearing his everyday elastic-waist pants and pure organic soft cotton t-shirt rather than a designated set just for sweating (you) and spitting up (him) you'll be doing? All those onesies your mother-in-law gave you with appliques of bears in hot air balloons and all those miniature corduroys and camos you couldn't resist at the Gap might be fine for hanging out in the bouncy seat or bassinet, but clearly, they will just no do for early-intervention yoga, meditation and Pilates. Right? Right.

Scoffing at the cost of purchasing yoga wear for your baby? Think of all the child posing this kid's going to do over the years. Plus, think how well she'll fit in at the Montessori meet and greet and booth cruising at the farmer's market! Worth it, right? Right.

As much as I may kid, I really do think there is some adorable (and possibly, must-have) yoga clothing out there kids (especially the bitty kind). If you're a yogi mommy or just want to be, then dressing your beautiful baby in an om-inspired onesie might be more than adorable, it might be a sweet wish for your child's health, centeredness and spirit.

From funny to faith-filled, here are five of my favorite teensy yoga tops for your tot:

There are very few sweeter parenting moments than when your baby lets out her first belly laugh. That's immediately what I thought of when I saw this adorable homage to Hotei, the Laughing Buddha. This one-piece is made by OMGirl, is 100% cotton and comes in a full slate of colors for $22.

If your baby girl's already started showing signs of yoga practice prowess or simply stops squawking in lotus position, this is the perfect set for her! The tee is $13.95 and the messenger bag is $22.95 and will look great when you tote her off to class.

Listen, kid, if you can hammer out The Hundred, more power to you! You should be telling the world on your t-shirt (especially since you can't talk yet). This one's made of that delicious combed spun cotton that's so soft. It comes in many more colors than blah-blah pink and blue and runs $17 per tee.

This onesie's emblazoned with the Hindu goddess Lakshmi, considered the Mother of the Universe and symbolizing wealth, light and wisdom. I love when a little old t-shirt holds so much meaning. Also by OMGirl, it is $22 with a portion of the proceeds benefiting the UN Refugee Agency.

This "upward dog" creeper is so cute, I'm seriously wondering if it is wrong to have another child just to amass armoires full of eensy clothes again. I love the simple, sweet designs by Lotus Children. To me, they just embody the spirit of yoga, right there on that precious round baby tummy. This tee is $28 and the design also comes in an "omsie" for $24.

If you must cover up those lovely little chubbers thighs for class, pair any of these tees with soft and comfortable leggings (I personally adore Zutano for their supple and durable cotton in funky prints, about $12) or this cute yoga skort ($3.99, seriously!?).

Whether you actually make it to class or turn the fit mommy DVD on or just breathe deeply in the comfort of your om sweet om, enjoy the snuggling up with your own precious little yoga practitioner!

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