Thursday, 12 July 2007

'Fat Tax' could save over 3,000 British lives annually

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A study published this week concluded that thousands of lives could be saved annually if a "fat tax" was implemented on salty, sugary and fatty foods. Sounds like a potential powder keg to me. The premise is sound, but this will never happen, ever. the study was based in Britain, but you never know -- something like this could be proposed in the U.S.

Would the millions of obese citizens in America be prepared to pay additional money for junky and unhealthy foods while citizens eating healthy foods receive a free pass? I can't begin to imagine the furor a proposal like this could cause.

The biggest hurdle would be the junk food manufacturers (hundreds of companies representing billions of sales dollars), who would muscle in and quash any attempt to pass a law related to a fat tax. It would be fun to watch, actually.

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