Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Fat men better in bed?

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We spend a lot of time around here trying to let you know about all the different ways that being fat is bad for you. But, according to Tobsha Learner, a columnist for the Times Online, "There is something comforting about being with a man who has heavier thighs than I do, considerable love handles and breasts only marginally smaller than mine" -- plus, she says, they're "better in bed."

Learner doesn't quote any studies that "prove" big guys are better lovers, funnier, or better-looking than their skinner, more-traditionally attractive counterparts. Nor does she spend any time trying to contradict the mountains of evidence stating that overweight men are considerably more likely to suffer health problems.

But she does make a compelling case for men of larger stature -- noting that "we often think of powerful men as being physically substantial," and that some of history's great womanizers (Napoleon, Casanova, etc) carried a little extra around the middle.

I wouldn't take this as an excuse to "let yourself go," but it's a nice reminder that, at the end of day, what matters is being comfortable in your own skin. You'll never succeed in your fitness endeavors if you're trying to meet somebody else's standards, so make sure that, whatever you're doing to stay in shape, you're doing it for yourself.

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