Saturday, 7 July 2007

Dying of a broken heart

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It's not just lyrics of a country song or the melodramatics of a teenage girl who lost her boyfriend -- you actually can die of a broken heart. Doctors have long been puzzled about incidents where people die during a stressful or emotionally difficult event or on the anniversary of such an event. Recently a woman suffered a near-death experience while attending her sister-in-law's funeral. The woman had previously had a heart defibrillator installed; the attack at the funeral would have caused cardiac arrest if it wasn't for her defibrillator. The event is important for doctors because the device recorded the exact time and shows a certain amount of proof that stress and high-emotion can trigger a cardiac event.

While the medical community may shun the phrase "die of a broken heart" it's generally accepted that a person's emotional state plays a large role in their health. Doctors suggest that adrenaline is one possibility for heart problems during times of high stress -- negative or positive stress. Doctors caution that this news is important to keep in perspective; the biggest measures you can take to prevent heart-health issues are maintaining a healthy diet, exercising, and not smoking.

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kathyj333 said...

I have read numerous about people dying of a broken heart. That's how I felt after my husband died more than 20 months ago. Sometimes I wonder why I'm still here.