Saturday, 7 July 2007

Diets that seemingly will never work sometimes can

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when studying all the various diets that find their way to television, radio and magazine advertising, I have to wonder if some of these ever work for anyone. The claims are so outrageous and the marketing so cheesy that it is hard to imagine anyone ever following advice from some diet snake oil salesman. The ones that pitch "eat all you want and lose weight" are especially entertaining.

Although we are all really the same, we are all really different too. In our upbringing, preconceptions, memories, food tastes, strength of will, adaptability and other things, we can have a predisposition to succeed or fail with any particular diet. What works for one may not work for another.

Are there diets that will never work for anyone, though? Outside of the obvious scams, it's hard to say. Common sense continues to reign really, as exercise and eating foods that you like which are healthy are two big keys for me. However, they may not work for you. To get a clearer picture, visiting a registered dietitian is always a great idea to get a grasp on your specific situation.

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