Friday, 13 July 2007

Daily Fit Tip: Stop gaining weight

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It's one thing not to be actively trying to lose weight, but that's when it seems we inadvertently start gaining weight. Pound by pound it comes creeping on, and whether it's regaining pounds that were previously lost or just slowly getting heavier as part of aging it doesn't have to happen that way. Bad habits that may seem harmless, like skipping breakfast, eating irregular meals, and helping your kids finish their plates can do slow damage to your waistline over time. Read this article to get the low down on more bad habits that you may not realize you're doing, and some helpful tips on things you can do to battle the ever-growing bulge like switching to 100% fruit juices (instead of those with added sugar) and ordering broth based soups when eating out (instead of thicker creamier ones).

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