Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Cooking for health: Tips from experts

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Did you know that sauteing your veggies with some olive oil is better than steaming them because you get more antioxidants that way? Yeah, me neither. I always assumed that the cooking method that involved the least fat was the most healthy. That's just one of the cooking tips I've learned from this article by Prevention Magazine. Here are some suggestions, in a nutshell:
  • Cook or heat up tomatoes to up the amount of heart-healthy lycopene
  • Let Garlic stand for 10-15 minutes before using it in cooking
  • Heat acidic foods in cast iron to add more iron
  • Add healthy fats like Avocado, Nuts and seeds to improve the nutrient content of your salad
  • Add lemon juice to homemade chicken soup -- it increases the calcium in your soup
  • Marinate -- the chance of picking up carcinogens from your barbecue is significantly decreased if you marinate your meat and veggies beforehand
  • Save time and valuable nutrients by cutting bigger slices of veggies
  • Don't peel -- the skin on many veggies is where the good stuff is
  • Add fresh spices and and herbs to your meals
Great tips -- check out the article for a more in-depth explanation. What tips do you have?

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