Thursday, 12 July 2007

Checking out the awesome "WiiFit" from Nintendo

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The Nintendo Wii gaming system continues to impress me. Not only does the game system cost much less than the competition, it encourages physical motion and interactivity in such a way that the sedentary gamer image may have a chance of being shed in some part.

There are a few great games that I have seen that require a Wii player to get up and "swat balls" at a virtual tennis court or otherwise physically engage with a game in a way that encourages physical activity. In an age of junk food and hours in front of a television for many youngsters, this is a very welcome breath of fresh air.

One of the newer Nintendo Wii games excites me even more. The "WiiFit" arrangement can make that treadmill and exercise equipment that just won't fit in the confined living spaces many of us live in not needed. The image gallery over at Nintendo Wii Fanboy impressed me -- so much that I'll be checking it out soon in person. Talk about a very innovative way to get your exercise without the space requirements of larger machines. Way to go, Nintendo!

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