Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Black and white: Are there cultural differences with dieting?

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When I first saw the title of this piece -- Black, White Women Differ on Dieting -- it really picqued my interest. "What exactly does color have to do with weight loss?", I wondered. Basically the results of a study conducted in Philadelphia showed that while both black and white women involved in the study were concerned about how they looked, body image was a bigger influence in wanting to lose weight for white women than it was for black women. In addition, white women were more likely to seek help from an outside source in their quest to get into shape.

I think the most important issues brought up by the article are, first of all, that black women trying to get to a healthy weight are may likely to try programs offered within their community, but there are not enough of these available where they can seek help. Secondly, the article says that neither white or black study participants listed health-related worries as a main reason for wanting to drop some pounds. If your health is being negatively affected by your weight, I think that should definitely be a number one motivator. What do you think?

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