Friday, 13 July 2007

Baby born drunk

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Despite the mountains of medical evidence saying you should severely limit -- if not entirely eliminate -- alcohol intake during pregnancy, some people are still stupid enough to drink.

One Polish mother not only drank throughout her pregnancy, but arrived drunk at the hospital when she came in to give birth. When her baby was born, doctors found his blood alcohol level to be 6 times the legal limit, meaning he will almost certainly suffer permanent brain damage.

While this kind of news is shocking, recent government surveys have shown that about 13% of US women drink during their pregnancy -- with 3% routinely binge drinking. This behavior almost guarantees that your child will be born with some kind of birth defect, but it's also important to note that even moderate or light drinking has never been proven safe.

To learn more about the effects of drinking alcohol during pregnancy, visit this helpful site from the March of Dimes.

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