Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Ask Fitz! Your Fitness Questions Answered

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Have fitness questions? Fitz has your answer. Our fitness expert -- and now your own virtual personal trainer -- will help you get fit, increase your overall health and do it in a fun way. Drop your questions here in the Comments section below and we'll choose two per week to publish on That's Fit! Learn more about Fitz here.

Q. Dear Fitz: I have two kids and I admit to going through the McDonald's drive through a few times a month out of convenience. Is that really such a bad thing? Angie

A. Hey Angie. Going through the McDonald's drive through a few times a month is certainly not a bad thing....if you order wisely. Grab the grilled chicken sandwich for each child and order some apple slices or a yogurt parfait to go with it. Two percent milk or water to drink.

Angie, the key to this whole 'raising healthy children' thing is to have standards. High standards. I assume you wouldn't put vinegar or catsup in your cars' gas tank, would you? Those items probably wouldn't do a whole lot of good for it. Have the same standards for the most precious people in your life. The greasy and sugary crap sold at the golden arches is just that. Crap! And, McDonald's offers healthy options now. You don't need to even consider nuggets and fries. Those items are not acceptable for your perfect little people.

Last year, my mother took my then 3 year old daughter, Ginger, out and bought her fries at McDonald's. Sure that one time didn't kill her, but now she knows the fries are there. So on the rare occasion we hit a Mickey D's, Ginger asks for some fries. I order a healthy meal, and let Ginger know that "I love her too much to put unhealthy fried food in her body". I follow that up with. "honey, if you'd like fries I'll bake you some at home". That way we both win. Go to McDonald's Angie, just educate your kids on the importance of healthy living and the ease in which it can be maintained. Fitz

Q. How's it going, Fitz? I've recently lost 43 pounds and surprisingly I lost a shoe size too. Is that normal? My wife thinks I'm imagining things. Reggie.

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