Wednesday, 11 July 2007

90% of newborns now tested for various genetic conditions

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If you've recently become a parent to a new baby, you probably know that your new family addition has been tested for a whole battery of rare but potentially deadly genetic disorders before it eve leaves the hospital.

In fact, recent research shows that about 90 percent of newborns are now screened for nearly 30 genetic conditions that can lead to earth death or other serious medical problems.

Although there are no federal guidelines on genetic testing of this type, many states have taken upon themselves to do this. Everything from cystic fibrosis to sickle cell anemia is on the list. The March of Dimes estimates that just 38 percent of babies were born in states with intensive screening in 2005, and that number is expected to jump to nearly 88 percent this year. That's quite a leap indeed.

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