Sunday, 8 July 2007

The 1500-Calorie diet: Mix and match your meals

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No matter what anyone says, the key to weight loss is quite simple: Don't consume any more calories than you can or will burn off. Most experts recommend that an average-sized person consume around 1500 calories a day. Much less than that is dangerous, and consuming much more than that will lead to weight gain.

Fitness Magazine has put together an eating plan that allows you to consume 1500-calories a day -- Breakfast is 350 calories, Lunch is 400 calories, dinner is 450 calories and two 100-calorie snacks round off the day at an even 1500 calories. It doesn't really matter what you eat for what meal, as long as it doesn't exceed the amount of calories you're allotted. Though they've provided a list of recipes and meal ideas for you to follow with ease.

The only hard part is the math -- counting calories can be confusing at times. Don't you agree?

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