Sunday, 8 July 2007

146 countries globally now smoke-free

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It was amazing to see this pas week that a total of 146 countries around the world are now "smoke-free." That is one amazing number, and it solidifies the thought that people and governments across the globe know that smoking is not healthy for anyone -- smokers or not.

I regularly receive comments from readers stating that some agenda against smoking is responsible for all the new bans, and that there is "overwhelming" evidence that second-hand smoke is not dangerous at all. Of course, no verifiable proof of these claims from a scientific source ever follows. Hey, we ca all have opinions, but that does not mean it is fact, right?

Anyway, the fact is that more nations are now banning smoking from public places as a way to ensure non-smokers non-exposure to toxic tobacco fumes. If you're a smoker, that is your choice and I for one respect it However, those days of public smoking are becoming harder and harder to come by.

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